Our Leaders

Medical personnel understanding that housing is healthcare.

The foundational leaders of Eden Village of Wilmington are medical personnel who have dedicated their professional and personal lives to caring for those in need. The founders of Eden Village, David and Linda Brown located in Springfield, MO and are a married orthopedic duo physician and surgical assistant. The founders of Eden Village of Wilmington are Tom and Kim Dalton, an anesthesiologist and nurse.

The Daltons grew up together in Springfield, MO, and later moved to Wilmington, NC in 1996 where they engaged in short-term international medical missions. While working on a housing project in rural Kenya, the Dalton’s were challenged by a missionary to get involved providing health care to the homeless. It was through that amazing work that encouraged the Dalton’s to contact the Browns to learn more about tiny home communities they were building in Springfield, MO and were encouraged to meet retired CPA Tom Brown, David’s brother, who also lives in Wilmington to form a team to build an Eden Village to serve the Wilmington community. The group met in February of 2020 and have been building and planning ever since.


Shawn Hayes

On-Site Manager

Jack Richardson

Finance & Donations

Donna Evans, LCSW

Volunteer Social Worker & Case Manager

Kimberly A. Dalton, BSN

Home Team & Volunteer Coordinator

Julia Manuel

Village & Volunteer Coordinator

Thomas M. Dalton, MD

Facilities Coordinator & Medical Support