Wilmington, NC

ImaginE A City Where No One Sleeps Outside

Eden Village Of Wilmington is a tiny home community for the chronically homeless.


Interested in joining a Home Team or looking for a rewarding way to serve your community and those in need?

Become A Resident

Are you or someone you know disabled and unable to maintain residence and have been homeless for over a year?


Wanting to do good, strengthen our community and support those who need it most? We’ll put your dollars to work.

Home Goods

Help us provide the essentials for our residents.


Following The Path of Success

Eden Village of Wilmington is fortunate as it doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to a plan to get chronically homeless persons off Wilmington’s streets. Eden Village of Springfield forged the path for us and we have partnered with them and their proven system, that shows us that dignity is the solution to poverty and community is the solution to homelessness. Eden Village offers dignified living and supportive community in a gated, fingerprint controlled, pedestrian-only, courtyard development setting benefiting those who live there and the Wilmington community.

Solving Homelessness With Dignified Living

Housing the chronically homeless in Wilmington is an achievable goal.

Local homeless advocates count and track the chronically homeless through shelters, hospitals, and local police departments. They estimate that there are about 100 disabled and chronically homeless single adults living in Brunswick, Pender and New Hanover counties. Together, the Wilmington community, can address this focused challenge by housing them in tiny home communities.

Wilmington, NC
Wilmington, NC

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