Frequently Asked Questions

What does it take to be an Eden Village of Wilmington resident?

Residents must prove that they are chronically homeless in Wilmington for longer than a 12-month period, have a physical or mental illness that has made them a high cost burden to the public and have the ability to subsidize their living expenses.

How many homes will be in Eden Village of Wilmington?

31 tiny homes make up the first Eden Village of Wilmington tiny-home gated community. These homes are wheelchair accessible, fully furnished and are arranged in a courtyard setting and are accompanied by a community garden and clubhouse center.

How are residents selected?

Residents will submit an application that proves that they are in-fact chronically homeless, and then a selection committee prioritizes candidates according to need and community-fit. Applicants will then go through an interview process, a background check and will be notified of acceptance, a waitlist opportunity or application denial.

Do residents of Eden Village of Wilmington live for free?

No. Each resident pays a portion of their monthly earnings from sources that include, but are not limited to, Disability, SSI, Pension, Veteran Benefits, Family Trust/Support, income from work, external means, etc. to pay for rent and amenities within the Eden Village community.

How long can a person live in Eden Village of Wilmington?

Forever. Eden Village is designed to allow housing to those that may never be able to do it on their own. Most residents that qualify to live in an Eden Village are individuals that due to mental health, physical limitations or extenuating circumstances are incapable of moving to a fully independent stable home life, which has led them to their chronically homeless status that qualified them in the first place. If residents meet the minimum requirements and are a good neighbor to other residents, they are welcome to stay in their home.

How do you qualify to become an Eden Village of Wilmington resident?

Residents must be determined chronically homeless in the Wilmington area for a 12-month timespan. If you are, or know someone who meets that description, please fill out a resident application and our team will contact those who qualify as space opens up.

Are Eden Villages bad for neighboring neighborhoods?

No. Our Eden Village residents are committed to a substance-free life, are expected to care for their homes and communities, and guests must be approved to visit. Our residents make great neighbors as they are focused on living a better life. Eden Villages are also upkept and will be a positive addition to the Wilmington community.